How Do We Do This

  • Increasing Awareness about these viruses in General public and Health care Workers .
  • Health talks targeting General Public and Health care workers
  • Utilizing media ( Both Print and TV ) in spreading the awareness
  • Conducting screening camps in multiple locations to identify the infected patients and educating them and their family regarding these viruses and need to treat them .
  • Taking help of celebrities in spreading the awareness about these viruses .
  • Free Treatment to the existing pool of patients
  • Free treatment would be offered ( including blood tests ) to needy patients below poverty line .
  • Free Screening and free treatment would be started initially in high prevalent zones in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and slowly be extended to other areas and states .
  • Identifying patients with high risk behavior and educating them .
  • Including state government partnership in identifying patients below poverty line.
  • Education programmes regarding liver health , Other causes of liver diseases
  • All patients with liver diseases ( Other than Alcoholic Liver Disease )below poverty line would be offered free hepatologist consultation , Treatment and followup.
  • Patients in need of Liver Transplantation if they are unaffordable also would be helped financially .
  • Helping patients for Alcohol Deaddiction with help of other NGO’S would be done